Intern Project | 2021

Smart Watch UX
User Interface Design

UX enhancements
for go-to-market wearable products.

About This Project

This project is from my 2021 summer internship at Xiaomi. I'm responsible to revise the Watch Apps and Wear OS system of Xiaomi Watch model S1. Here's a breakdown of my daily tasks.

How did I approach
this project?

01   |   Competitor Research
02   |   Analyze Existing Functions
03   |   Layout Potential Changes
04   |   Wireframes & Prototypes
05   |   AB Testing & User Testing
06   |   Multi-team Collaboration

Task 01

Health App

One of my major task was to revise the Health Apps. In this task, I examine the previous model and aimed to enhance formating & layouts and user interaction. Apps that I revised include Heart Rate, Stress Level, Breathe, and Cycle Tracking.

Mockup Comparison


Formating & Layout

What's New

Clear Hierarchy

Central Axisymmetric System

Important Info Emphasized

Clean & Unified Format

Easy Vertical Navigation

User Interaction

What's New

Readable Graphs

Interaction with Digital Crown

Numbers Take At One Glance

Visualized Curve and Climax

Improved Graph Accuracy

Task 02 | OS System

Wear OS
Structure Design

I’ve also explored the Mi Wear OS system structure during my intern experience.Here are some of the functions that I’ve explored and drew wireframes upon. Enhanced structures include Language Compatibility, Visual Layout Rules, Notifications, Cross-Devices Alignment, and Hardware Interactions.


Xiaomi's original product design did not pay much attention to multi-language compatibility. Since we have users in Europe and Asia Pacific, it will help our oversea users better perceive our product features.

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