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Resume Highlights


"I‘m currently a rising junior at Parsons School of Design. I major in communication design and I'm passionate about UX design."

Parsons School of Design (BFA)

Major - Communication Design (Web & Print Design)

Minor - Creative Entrepreneurship

Graduation Year 2024

Intern Experience

"I had 3 excellent intern experiences. I enjoy tasks which combines Art, Digital Tech, & Problem-Solving. "


Business Analyst Summer Intern

4 months   |   Remote   |   2022

Christian Dior

Retail & Merchandising Intern

5 months   |   On-site   |   2021


User Experience Design Intern

5 months   |   On-site   |   2021


"My skillset is 100% Qualified for this role. I'm proficient in all these skills, with rich hands-on experience."

Digital Design

Html & Css / Figma / Sketch / After Effects / Premiere / Procreate

Editorial Design

Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Print & Branding skills

My Projects

Here, I have included some amazing
projects that I've contributed to.

UX Design | 2021

Smart Watch UX

User interface enhancements
for go-to-market software products.

UX Design | 2021

Smart Glasses UX

User friendly UX navigation system
designed for groundbreaking products.

App Design 01

Academic Project
App with an identical visual system.

UI Design | 2019

App Design 02

Academic Project
App targeting a specific group of audience.

UI Design | 2022

Graphic Design | 2022

Editorial Design

Well-designed grid system for a professional industrial report.

Web Design | 2020

Academic Projects - Digital

Fun exploration of webpages with
Html and CSS.

Graphic Design | 2019

Academic Projects - Editorial

Enjoy playing with inspirational
typefaces and layouts.

Motion Graphic Design | 2019

Academic Projects - Motion Graphic

Experimental motion graphic projects
for multi-marketing use.


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